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  • 19-JAN: All rewads should be paid before 25-JAN. Arthur and HR will contact the captains before that date.
  • Livestream page has been updated for next day: 7-January.
  • 29-Dec: Wiki updated here: Main event, sorry for the lack of info last week! Planning for next weeks will come before tomorrow.

Welcome to the Gameloft SEA DOTA2 International Wiki!Edit

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This is the Wiki where we'll keep all information about the 2016 SEA Dota 2 tournament.

First, take a quick look at the Rules page.

Wanna know about the match plannings & results ? Take a look at the overall Timeline or at the Group Stages page.

Who's competing ? Head over to the Teams tab to get an overview of the teams and players coming from all over South-East Asia.

Want to know the details of the prize pool and winnings ? Take a look at the Rewards page.

Feel free to contribute / comment any page. For any questions: Contact Arthur in the Contact section.

Watch the action live!Edit

Head over to the Livestream page for channels & videos!

Want to be part of the casting crew ? We are recruiting:

  • English casters/analysts
  • Casters in other languages
  • Highlights video editor

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